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ansible-aur is an Ansible module to use some AUR helpers.

The following AUR helpers are supported:

  • pacaur (default)
  • trizen
  • yaourt
  • yay


  • It is recommended to use the official pacman module for removals or for upgrades with the repositories, this module focuses on the AUR,
  • Searches are limited to the AUR using the --aur parameter except for yay and yaourt which do not support it and also search the repositories,
  • A package is reinstalled only if an update is available using the --needed parameter except for yay which do not support it and reinstalls systematically,


parameter required default choices comments
name no Name of the package to install or upgrade.
upgrade no no yes, no Whether or not to upgrade whole system.
helper no pacaur pacaur, trizen, yaourt, yay Helper to use.

Note: Either name or upgrade is required, both can not be used together, this is prevented to allow a meaningful changed output.


  1. Add as a submodule in your playbook:

    mkdir -p library/external_modules
    git submodule add git:// library/external_modules/ansible-aur
  2. Link the binary to the base of library/:

    ln -s external_modules/ansible-aur/aur library/aur
  3. Use it in a task, as in the following examples:

    # Install (using pacaur)
    - aur: name=package_name
      become: yes
      become_user: user_that_has_nopasswd_in_sudoers_for_pacman_use
    # Install (using trizen)
    - aur: name=package_name helper=trizen
    # Upgrade (using pacaur)
    - aur: upgrade=yes